The struggle: Remote teaching in the first four weeks

*click on images to access the applicable articles My struggles with social distancing and remote teaching have led to silence, at least on my blog. I have found it really difficult to think of anything to share that could be helpful to other teachers at this time. Even after six weeks, I have nothing. I… Continue reading The struggle: Remote teaching in the first four weeks

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eLearning/Remote Learning/Homeschooling Online Resources

Looking for resources to support your students learning or resources to help teach your own kids here is a great list of online resources. This list (which is in no way exhaustive) will be updated regularly. If you have a suggestion of a good resource to add please email your suggestion to literacymasterydiscovery@gmail.com. Updated: 18/01/2021… Continue reading eLearning/Remote Learning/Homeschooling Online Resources