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Returning to School, the Labour Day weekend Angst

It’s labour day weekend and evey year I decline invitations and choose to stay home to do nothing.

I know the weekend before school starts is going to be filled with nervousness and angst. Even though I have been teaching for 15 years & even though I normally have at least the first week all planned out, there is still an element of the unknown and that makes me nervous. Even when we aren’t in the midst of a pandemic.

This year hybernating is not an option. Despite all my efforts I have been unable to leave this weekend task free. There have just been too many life changes leading to necessary activities that have to get done:

*the usual start of school duties (buy clothes/shoes, school supplies, lunch stuff…), which for various reasons did not get done before now

*the agonizing about not being able to prep fully for a new job, where I don’t know all the contingencies: teach 3 hours, 3 periods-some with multiple subjects, all to the same kids

*my 11 year old daughter is moving in with my parents, in another town, so she can attend a specialized private school and get the support she needs. She seems ok but her little sister is struggling with the change

*We put down our 14.5 year old weiner dog

*We are renegotiating our mortgage, in the middle of renovating and things need attention when they need attention

To cope I am trying to remember all the wonderfully helpful things I have learned through mindfulness:

*Thoughts are not facts-just because you think it doesn’t mean it will happen

*Acceptance without self criticism or judgement-you can’t control or fix what is happening or how others react or even your own emotions

*Practice self compassion, openess and curiosity. Find comfort in uncertainty-the uncomfortable feelings it brings are a part of being human and will leave in time

*See and accept the joy found in the present-being present in the moment allows you to notice the joy you miss when you are focused on the worry of the past or the future

An indepth explanation of these four areas: https://www.mindfultime.com/2015/05/17/4-takeaways-from-mindfulness-meditation/

Remembering to be mindful is still a struggle. I tend to remember I was supposed to be present and look for the joy after the fact.

At least this time I caught myself half way through.

I hope you have a weekend filled with mindful moments


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