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New Begining at New Directions

I was hired to teach English at Goetz. I taught there from 2006-2021. I loved my school, my colleges and my students. I specialized in teaching locally developed and applied English students and I was good at it. I developed relationships with my students and eveloped a program that, for the most part, helped them improve in their reading and writing.

I was never a supply or LTO and have never taught anywhere else (if you don’t count my teaching English as a second language to elementary school children in France for a year).

This is an account of my new adventure…

Before it began (Labour Day weekend)…


Started a new position & it is exciting & scary

I still have no idea what I’m doing, but also know that I am a good teacher, will figure it out & can’t go wrong starting with relationships…

I love the messaging at my new school.

Start with the students and go from there (not an exact quote, they were way more eloquent).

It’s so reassuring…

I am also fortunate that all the people I work with are both welcoming & supportive…

Have been in the building for 3 days & my VP & P have each come by to check in each day.

I also have a 4 page list of start up tasks, to do when I can (internal links, FYI so helpful!), meaning I haven’t missed anything vital and know where to find everything.

My admin rocks!


My new position is at the New Directions program working with students who have been expelled. This means there is a constant flow of students entering and leaving the program.

So far I’m teaching one student, online for two periods & two subjects: Design your future (gr 11 careers) & OLC (literacy)

Am starting with relationship building

Thinking two hours each day of cross curricular, cocreated inquiry projects prompted by the tvolearn & myblueprint content & my additions…

But how do you teach just one student?

How do you get to know just one kid, online, who so far has not turned on their video or mic?

Throw out all the collaborative stuff you’ve done for 15 years & become a coleaner.

Have spent the last few days laughing and sharing, while sharing and participating in get to know you activities


So far teaching one student, online,two subjects: Design your future (gr 11 careers) & OLC (literacy)

Starting with relationship building and getting to know who we are

Thinking two hours each day of cross curricular, cocreated inquiry projects prompted by the tvolearn & @myblueprint content & my additions…


Second week of school and I am finally noticing the surroundings, beyond my classroom.

Love the messaging so far

How often have you heard the phrase “I’m not a reader” from your teenage students?

I respond to this student comment with, “You’re not a reader yet.”

Implementing independent choice reading is a process and, with proper support, all students can find a book they love reading.

Spent today’s virtual class getting the students access to virtual books: @DPCDSBSchools library via Sora and @mississaugalib via @OverDriveLibs and helping them find novels they want to read

#booklove #choicereading


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