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Finding Books for Your in Class Library

Getting inventory

You can of course buy them yourself but first…

Start with your department or board (literacy consultants if you have them). Perhaps there is money earmarked for new books, or initiatives (equity or those for struggling readers). Talk to your principal or department head. I agreed to spearhead a research driven initiative to support struggling readers at my school (something I was doing anyway), and share it board wide, on the condition that the principal fund book club books for all classes and class libraries for the other staff.

Look for government subsidies. If you’re in Canada you can claim books up to $1000 on your federal taxes. This article may be helpful if you are in the States.

Look at organizations that fund books. Check out this Reading Rockets article for organizations. In addition to their list check out:

  • Penny Kittle’s Book Love Foundation which has a yearly grant that will help fund classroom libraries (US and Canada).
  • First Book, which provides free books but also has gives extreme discounts on books to schools that can meet the necessary requirements (US and Canada).

Check out websites that sell new books for cheap:

  • Check out which sells books that were not sold in stores

Or used books:

  • Check out your local libraries
  • Check out your second hand stores or charity stores (Good will, value village, salvation army…) for cheap used books
  • Check out local, or home your own, little free library

Accessing resources online (ebooks and audiobools)

Access your school or local library. Many libraries have made virtual library card sign up option. Have students sign up and then download the corresponding app/go to the website so they can access, sign out and read/listen to books.

Some of the sources below are free for a short time, use at your own risk: (free audiobooks monthly for teachers)

Good luck in your search. Feel free to share your ideas jn the comments.

If you are interested in ensuring your library is diverse check out these blog posts:

THE WHY: Diversifying your High School Texts and/or Classroom Library (Part 1)

THE HOW: Diversifying your High School Texts and/or Classroom Library (Part 2)


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