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Finding Books for Your in Class Library

Getting inventory You can of course buy them yourself but first… Start with your department or board (literacy consultants if you have them). Perhaps there is money earmarked for new books, or initiatives (equity or those for struggling readers). Talk to your principal or department head. I agreed to spearhead a research driven initiative to… Continue reading Finding Books for Your in Class Library

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8 Strategies to Support Choice Reading in the Secondary Classroom

Setting students up for independent reading success can be difficult. It requires going beyond opening the book shelf and saying "and go." Finding a book (and even curating a list of books) they want to read can be difficult for a teen.  For ways to find books for your students see the bottom of the… Continue reading 8 Strategies to Support Choice Reading in the Secondary Classroom

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Part 4-Fostering a Love of Reading

We assume that high school students can read. But if you teach high school you have come across those students who read the text, maybe even sound great aloud, but still seem to be struggling with comprehension and critical thinking about the text. Need some help supporting your struggling students? Read my 5 part blog series on "How to teach high school students to read." Part 4 tells you how to help students find books to read that they will love and how to incorporate independent choice reading into your everyday curriculum.