2021 My Year in Books (story post)

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2021 recapped in books:

It was a really hard year.

It was very hard to concentrate for any length of time.

So I read (well really listened to) a lot of fluffy books (light reads), did a lot of rereading of old favs and found it easier to latch on to a series.


Digging In-Loretta Nyhan: new widows life falls apart until she creates a garden that takes up her wholenback yard

Among the Beasts and Briars-Ashley Poston:

FAV  GENRES: (not sure these are genras but)

sci fi/fantasy Retellings of fairytale/legends


Murder Mysteries involving vampires and witches


The Lunar Chronicles-Marissa Meyer (reread): fairytale characters with an interesting twist: a deadly virus, a colony on Mars whose inhabits have mind control abilities, an army of animal hybrids, a missing princess and a reluctant prince.

The Vampire Knitting Club Nancy Warren-a witch inherets a book club with vampires living in the caves underneath, who hold a weekly book club (planned) and solve a murder (unplanned)

NEXT Up: Not sure what to read next.

May reread the rest of the wheel of time series (rearead #1 before watching the series on Prime).

Check out my Twitter feed: tlmarkides, insta account: literacymasterydiscovery or blog for reviews.

Any suggestions?

How do you find your next read?

What did you enjoy reading recently?

Share in the comments below


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