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8 or so Teaching Apps or Websites Worth Using Now

Not sure about you but after the last few years I have massive tech fatigue? I can’t learn a new platform, even if it seems amazing.

Am planning on keeping it simple this year. Feel like less (complicated) is more, given what we are all up against.

If it is not easy to learn/intuitive (for both teachers and students) then I’m out!

Ideally it should lead to TRANSFORMATION of the learning task (either in delivery, in process or in product).

Here are the apps (many of which have website verions and free teacher/class accounts) that I will continue to use:

Canva (free for edus): design visuals e.g diagrams or infographics

Wevideo: allows for video presentations for example personal ad selling yourself for a job posting

Scratch (free for edus): code an animation or a game

Prodigy (free for edus): gamifies math

Epic (free for edus) or library app (overdrive/libbu/sora): allows for various text forms (text, graphic, audio, readalong)

GoNoodle (free for edus): videos physical activity & mindfulness

Headspace (free for edus): mindfulness

ArtforKidsHub: video art lessons create a tecaher whiteboard & individual whiteboards for your students.

***Especially now that we may be going virtual due to #omnicron, check out these blogs posts for resources:

Remote Learning/Homeschooling Resources:

Free 2ndary ELA Resources:


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