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Part 4-Fostering a Love of Reading

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Spreading the joy

A love of reading is nurtured. The goal is to have students constantly adding books to, and more importantly reading books from, their “To Read Next” lists (pay product on TPT). Students will add to this list throughout the semester.

my much loved class library after an intensive new books search

It’s important to have an extensive, diverse and inclusive class library for students to draw from but a good school library that is accessed often can also work.

We do a variety of activities to generate interest in reading. Here are some examples:

  • I promote the books in the class library:
    • facilitate book talks
    • read first chapters of books: “First Chapter Fridays”
    • place books of different categories on display (genre, highest rated, most read)
previous semester’s “books we’ve read”
  • place books of interest on the whiteboard (e.g., star rating or review approach)
      • Ms. Markides is reading…
      • Ms. Markides has just finished…
      • Ms. Markides’ next read next…
advertising books via whiteboard
  • promote interest by posting inspirational or intriguing quotes or statements from books in class library
  • actively share what I am reading (and sometimes what students are recommending), with brief reviews, on the class twitter account @msmarkidesclass (I don’t finish reading anything less than 4 out of 5 stars and neither should they)
  • have students recommend/discuss books (e.g., star rating or review approach)
    • student give book talks (pay product on TPT) of their favourite books on the first day of school-the visuals from these are posted on the wall and accessible all year
visuals from favourite book, book talks posted on the wall
book finished and recommended by students
  • students discuss their books through:
      • book talks
      • speed dating
      • turn and talk discussions (connecting what we are learning in class to their book)
      • student book tweets
      • book club
students share what they are reading during speed dating

Celebrate successes

I celebrate successes by acknowledging when students complete a book by adding them to the “Books We’ve Read” poster. I also give out reading certificates (free product on TPT) at the end of the semester to acknowledge a student’s hard work and any progress they may have achieved. The certificates indicate the amount of books they have read, or the movement in reading level or focuses on another area of accomplishment such as: finding a genre or format of interest or doing a wonderful book talk or the fact that they have become such good inferencer.

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